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Social Media Networking

Need to improve your job search results?


Social media provides a perfect job search opportunity!

Still using traditional routes - job banks, corporate websites, job adverts and job fairs?

Problem is, these channels are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Perhaps the time has come to add social media networking to your job search plan.

Online Social Networks are a popular means by which job searchers, recruiters and employers can reach out, communicate and search their target.

Establishing and developing relationships with others is an essential part of job-seeking.  Your network of contacts can be the perfect way to gain access to the "hidden" job market - those jobs not yet advertised - and leads to a great new job.

Increasingly employers are using the top social networking - LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - to search for, screen and select applicants.


  • an ideal medium for job searchers to research, contact and apply for jobs
  • with direct links to company websites, you can access information on job openings, company backgrounds, employees, market trends etc - and gain a sense of the company's culture, market performance and job vacancies
  • enables you to view profiles of and email the people you know and trust in your market sector
  • provides ways for you to expand your network and connect with people and companies your contacts know
  • plus - LinkedIn invites employers to post jobs directly on site
  • Hint: make sure your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and reflects your professionalism. 


  • connect to people you know or don't know who share your interets - instantly
  • network on Twitter to access a broader range of job opportunities
  • access companies and job boards with newly posted openings
  • is the world's first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter by searching Twitter for jobs matching your keywords
  • Hint: Your search engine results will improve if your Twitter name is your name


  • with over 70 million active users - including some of the wealthiest business people - Facebook can be an effective job search / networking tool
  • Facebook can help build your reputation and leverage your contacts
  • Connect with old and new friends, work and study colleagues
  • Enhance the value of your network by sharing your knowledge
  • Hint: if you eference a friend on Facebook in one of your blog posts, tag them as this will alert their friends to the post and spread your message.

 If you need assistance, just email Helga who will provide the expertise to create your Perfect LinkedIn Profile


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