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Writing a Cover Letter


Need help writing a letter?  Let us do the work for you!

We will write your letter - quickly and affordably on any subject ...

  • Job advert application letter
  • Speculative job application letter
  • Follow-up interview letter
  • Job acceptance letter
  • Job rejection letter
  • Salary increase letter
  • Resignation letter
  • Thank-you letter
  • Personal letter
  • Letters to complain or settle a dispute
  • Character reference letter


Writing an interview winning Job Application Letter

Your letter and resume are important documents that represent your brand.  Both have to be unique to you and persuasive, not templates.  To make an interview winning impression, we ensure your letter is perfect in presentation, demonstrates your skills and expertise, lets your personality shine through - and is close match to the job profile. 

Your letter is the opportunity to communicate an important aspect of your application that is not suitable to be included in your resume.

The letter can be either in response to a job advert or a speculative approach to a company you would like to join -either way the letter is a great way to communicate and build a connection with a recruiter.

Writing a `Job Advert´ application letter . . .
Perfection counts when writing a job application letter.  We analyse the job advert, highlight the key requirements, review your Resume, and draw a match between your qualifications, skills and experience and the job spec.

We carefully select and position the right words - and gain credibility by including examples of where you have achieved. This approach gives your application credibility and helps set you  apart from other applicants.

Writing a `Speculative Job Application Letter´. . .

In the case of a speculative letter, we assess your objectives, review your resume and consider the needs of the target organisation.  This approach enables us to better understand the type of role that interests you and the best way to target your letter.

Follow-up interview letter

An interview follow-up letter can express appreciation and thanks for the interview, and to confirm your interest in the job.  A well worded 'thank you' letter might be the element of your application that sends the message you are the best candidate for the job, and could help to sway the balance as to who gets the job in your favour.

Job acceptance letter

Congratulations!  You have been offered the job - well done!  Once you have the offer in writing, it is a good idea to confirm your acceptance and employment terms etc., formally in writing.  We can write this letter and will ensure it is well written.  Even though you have been offered the job, you need to ensure your correspondence is professional.

Job rejection letter

Should you decide to reject a job offer, why not write a polite, brief and professional letter, thanking the company for the offer but stating that you are declining.  This type of letter can stand you in good stead if you need to contact the recruiter or employer in the future.

Salary increase letter

Requesting a salary increase in writing can be tricky.  A Perfect Career´s expert copywriters have the skills to ensure that your letter sets just the right diplomatic and persuasive tone.

Resignation letter

Writing a letter of resignation can conjure up all sorts of emotions and difficulties.  We are here to write a letter that is diplomatic and helps to ensure you maintain a good relationship with the company.  You might after all need a reference!

Thank-you letter

One of the best letters you can write is to say "Thank-you, I appreciate the time ... ..."  The recruiters who have spent time in helping your job search will find a thank you letter particularly appealing.  Writing a thank you letter will help to maintain your network and keep the doors open.  No one gets tired of being thanked!

Personal letter

There are a thousand and one reasons for writing a personal letter and we can write a perfect letter for you on any subject; these can include letters of complaint, settling a dispute with a neighbour or colleague, challenging a fine or bank charge etc etc.

Character reference letter

You may be asked to write a character reference to support someone you know´s job application.  Whether you are a neighbour, friend, business acquaintance, academic adviser, customer, accountant or fellow member of a club - we can write the letter on your behalf.

To take the next step . . . Simply email   all the relevant information and we will respond by return with a free, no obligation quote for writing your letter.

If you then decide to proceed, you will be asked to make your payment and a proof of your letter will be emailed to you.  As many proofs as necessary will be submitted until you are absolutely confident the letter will generate the desired results.  We offer a three-day turnaround or a 24hr express service (see prices and fee scale)


Helga Edge MBA

is the Principal Consultant of A Perfect Career

and can be contacted on Tel UK: 0871 218 1005
Tel Spain: 00 34 965 771 175, Skype: helgaedge or by Email:


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