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Job Application Forms

Need some help completing job applications?

It is widely recognised that companies recruit top talent rather differently today than perhaps five years ago.  Increasingly recruiters are screening applicants using on-line application forms, and then inviting successful applicants to their Job Assessment Centres where potential employees can be evaluated in team orientated work situations.

The application forms are a time and cost-efficient part of the initial selection process, as the information enables recruiters to select those applicants with the most relevant competencies and the 'attitude' most likely to fit into their culture.

Employers are concerned to ensure that applicants are committed to the business that they are applying for.  Recruitment and training costs a lot of money so they want to be sure that selected candidates really are a good fit and motivated to succeed.

Application forms include a wide range of questions, and very often on the last page there is a worryingly large `Personal Statement´ box to complete!  With careful preparation, these questions are a great opportunity for you to illustrate your potential, sell your skills, differentiate yourself - and win an interview.

A Perfect Career can provide you with expert one-to-one help in completing application forms.  Moreover, as the questions are often similar to those you might be asked in a face-to-face interview – you will be doubly prepared

If you need assistance completing your application form questions or personal statement, simply email details of the job, company website, and your Resume.  Jot down the question(s) you need answering and the number of words allowed for each question - or for the statement. 

The fees for answer questions are:

100 word question is     25.00

200 word question is     40.00

400 word question is     70.00

450 word question is     80.00

Personal Statement     140.00        


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