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Sample Interview Questions

The truth is, only two percent of resumes get past the first screening, and only one percent reach the interview!

Here are some of the tricky Interview Questions to help you practice answering - and to make sure you are in the one percent


the degree to which you use a methodical approach to complex decision-making

Example question:

Please outline one of the toughest business decisions you have made. How did you set about making the decision and what options did you take into consideration?



Ability to



the degree to which you understand the feelings and concerns of others, and can contribute effectively within a team environment to achieve organisational goals

Example question:

We are looking for a significant degree of people skills - what personal experience would you highlight as evidence of possessing good team skills?

the degree to which you are likely to attempt to exert influence over others
Example question:

Have there been times when you thought that consulting other members of the team was unnecessary or even a waste of time?  Please give an example

the degree to which you can plan and manage your time effectively
Example question:

Please give an example of when you have had to organise a project or event. How did you plan this and what was the final outcome?  What have you learnt from the experience


the extent to which you act to improve performance, seek to achieve time, service and cost efficiencies

Example question:

Tell us about the most challenging project you have worked on. Why was it particularly challenging, and how did you undertake it?



Quality focus

Building /

the extent to which you are concerned for the quality of your own and other's work, and aim for high standards of 'best practice'

Example question:

What impact would you say you have had in improving your company's operational systems / service levels?

the extent to which you participate and support team decisions, keep people inormed and up to date and shares all useful information

When as a member of  a group did you contribute to a particular task; how did you personally add value and what was the outcome


your level of objectivity, the degree to which you recognise underlying connections between unrelated issues and thinks beyond what is immediately apparent

Example question:

Could you describe a situation when you recognised a deeper issue that would impact on business performance. What did you do and what was the outcome?


to change

of pressure

the degree to which you welcome change and are proactive about introducing better ways of doing things

Example question:

Please describe a time when you recommended change and persuaded reluctant colleagues of the benefits. What steps did you take?

the degree to which you express physical tension through irritability and impatience with others
Example question:

What kind of things ruffle your feathers?

Could you answer the above or similar questions with confidence?

If you are uncertain, please Get in touch if you would lik to discuss how A Perfect Career can tailor an interview consultation to your specific requirements


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