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CV and Resume Writing

. . . for all jobs, all careers and every market sector world-wide

If your CV resume is producing poor results,

and you need to make the best impression quickly, then

why not work with a Perfect Career´s CV Resume consultant to ....

  • design an eye-catching CV format that attracts recruiters
  • write explicit content to accentuate skills, experience and results
  • subtly capture your drive, enthusiasm, initiative and 'can do' approach
  • differentiate you to gain that competitive edge
  • produce a curriculum vitae that generates interviews and job offers

A Perfect Career's CV Resume writing consultants have expert copywriting skills, recruitment know-how and MBA qualifications - the key ingredients to ensuring your professional CV gains that elusive competitive edge

Rest assured . . .

  • if your CV lacks lustre - we will find out why
  • if your CV fails to convince - we will know why
  • if your CV omits important facts - we will make suggestions
  • if you have included too much - we will advise what to omit
  • if your CV does not sell your personality and style - we will!
  • if you have unsubstantiated achievements - we will advise you

Your CV Resume´s content will be interesting, informative, factual and relevant to the job you are applying for - and will include key information about your strengths - whether these are qualifications, experience and achievements - but not a life story!

We will write explicit content to explain what you did, how you did it and the added value benefit to the employer - this is the content that will differentiate your CV Resume, generate interest and win interviews.  

We ensure your CV Resume is eye-catching to set you apart at first glance - perfect in presentation and style. Follow this link to see free CV Tips - examples of text from CVs and Resumes produced for successful clients across all career categories, and to learn more about how A Perfect Career's professional CV Resume writing service will ensure you make a confident, interview-winning first impression. 

Take a strategic approach...

Offer the recruiters what they like ... CVs and Resumes with factual information that answers key questions directly related to the job profile.

What they like least is a CV Resume reading like a dull job description, with a subjective, self-congratulatory profile that often duplicates what is to follow and wastes their valuable time.

Gain credibility, provide evidence of your strengths and achievements - in context. Present a CV Resume that is compelling, interesting and convincing by highlighting what you have done and how it has 'added value' to an organisation.

Make implicit within the writing your hard and soft skills - the balanced set of intangible capabilities that are central to an organisation's successful performance ...

Strategic vision - conceptual and analytical thinking - initiative - confidence - influencing skills - commercial flair - team leadership - market awareness - orientation to change - quality-focus - results-driven - client-centred approach - and much much more . .

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