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Is something troubling you at work?

Are you feeling uncertain and

need help to work out what to do?

Yes? Then this service is definitely for you
When the going gets tough - help is a just a 'phone call away

Simply jot down the problem in an email and a qualified consultant will contact you to arrange to talk through the problem and offer expert advice 

Professional support will help you resolve problems and achieve the
best results in your work life and future career

Don't get weighed down by the fear of making the wrong move

Six compelling reasons why talking to 
your Personal Consultant is a good idea. Your consultant will . . .
  1. Listen to and understand your problems
  2. Provide a sounding board for new ideas
  3. Give you honest, impartial support - confidentially
  4. Provide you with expert knowledge gained over many years
  5. Help you plan and set goals - and guide you in the right direction
  6. Offer a fresh perspective - create clarity to see the bigger picture

Working as a team, you and your consultant will focus on your problems and goals - enabling you to accomplish more than you would alone

Who needs a consultant?

Corporate employees, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and people across all career and job categories, across all market sectors benefit by using a consultant to help resolve their problems

Your consultant will have extensive experience of working in all types of environments, and will have helped many hundreds of people in almost every type of challening work situation

Case study
Joanne was asked to build a completely new sales team but had no idea how to go about it.  During three consultations, Joanne received guidance in writing a job description, person profile and job advertisement.  She was then coached in screening, selecting, interviewing and assessing the candidates - and this resulted in the appointment of five highly effective account handlers.

What Joanne said ...
  "Your consultant built my confidence to do the job - and this made a huge difference to my credibility within the firm"

Case study - Managing Time

I didn't know where to turn - my family tried to help but just didn't understand my work situation and I just dreaded going into work each day - I was so overloaded and stressed out.

Your consultant tuned into my problem within minutes and advised me how to plan, prioritise and manage my time more effectively.  It was a great relief to talk it through with someone who understood and who gave me the confidence and skills to work more effectively.   Maxine, Hale Barns, Cheshire

Case study - Bullying

When I secured a Marketing Consultant role with a national health and fitness club, I soon encountered what was tantamount to bullying by the Sales & Marketing Director.  My working day became a nightmare, and I knew I was heading for a nervous breakdown

Your consultant advised me to record every incident of bullying behaviour - the time, the place, the issue, what happened, what was said, and the names of any other staff members who witnessed the event.

Over the Xmas / New Year period I had sufficient evidence to present a persuasive case to an Industrial Tribunal.  As it happened, the company dismissed the S&M Director and offered me an out of court settlement.

You consultant gave me the confidence to take the right step and I cannot thank her enough for the support I received

James, Warrington, Cheshire

Are you affected by the urgency of today´s workplace?

Most people come up against dilemmas at work every now and then.  We often find that people just need a little helping hand to get to grips with the problem and take a step in the right direction. 

Sometimes it is not possible to change outside influences that create the problems; however it is usually possible to change your responses, behaviour and perceptions, enabling you to deal more effectively with the issues

If you would like to talk through whatever is worrying you with a friendly and understanding consultant ? 

This service is particularly useful if you -
.        Are you struggling with a difficult situation
.        Have too much to do and too little time
.        Are experiencing bullying in the workplace

       Are managing someone who is causing problems
.        Have a problem with a colleague or team member
.        Are implementing change and encountering resistance
.        In a job that is not what you thought it was going to be
.        Feel stressed, rushed, overloaded with work demands
.        Need to make a decision and are unsure which way to turn
.        Have been asked to do something you've not done before

.        Want to change your job and need help taking the next step                                                            


If you or someone you know needs help in solving a problem then this service is for you.  Let your Personal Consultant give you the answers to your problems



Get in touch with us today and discover how we can help you. You will be glad you did! For a fixed fee of £45 we provide half-an-hour's expert, impartial advice



For confidential, friendly advice call A Perfect Career

on 0871 218 1005 (UK) or 00 34 965 771 175 (Spain)

or send an email


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