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So you´re ready for the next step, you´re applying for an internship, work experience, student placement or first career role and you need a Resume to get you ahead of the competition!

But where to start!

With so much advice from tutors, careers advisers, books and the internet - all offering differing opinions - you´d be forgiven for being bewildered!

The only absolute certainty is that your resume will need to be more than good - more than unique - and more than outstanding - it will need to be exceptionaly compellingl!

To achieve this we offer to write your resume and give you a huge advantage over other applicants.  We guarantee that your resume will be ...

Distinctive in presentation

Your resume will have an eye-catching, visually appealing and uniquely designed format - setting you apart from scores of others at first glance.

By making two words work for one, we will convey a tremendous amount of information about you - succinctly! Recruiters loathe resumes that waffle - they haven´t the time to read pages and pages of detail unrelated to the job they're trying to fill.  What they like best are resumes that are concise, easy to follow, genuine, skill-packed and well written!

Impressive in content

We will identify your unique selling points and get across the scope of your strengths - skills, qualifications and achievements - using convincing, persuasive language - at the right pitch - substantiated with evidence to ensure credibility. 

We all know that recruiter's can be sceptical - the resumes that make grandiose self-congratulatory claims fail to impress as they've heard it all before a thousand times from other job applicants.  In the interests of credibility, your resume will include descriptive evidence of any claims you make about your 'interpersonal', 'communication', 'analytical thinking', leadership or 'team working' skills through employment, team sports, or serious volunteer work.

Your resume will be specific and clear - any sort of ambiguity is a definite no-no.

Importantly, we will weave into the language your `softer´ skills in terms of drive, initiative, enthusiasm and problem solving `can do´ approach - your unique character and personal style.


Your resume must not only impress your would-be employer, it should convince them that you would add value to their company. So, if you are determined to set yourself apart from the rest, follow these few steps and we will do the rest . . .

  • Complete the secure online Order Payment form
  • Upload your existing resume, if available, or jot down your information in an email
  • If you omit anything important, don't worry, we'll remind you!
  • We will design and write your resume and send you a proof
  • You then check over, amend and add comments to the proof
  • When we receive your amended proof, we will make revisions and submit a fresh proof straight away

Remember, we work in close consultation with you by phone, Skype and email until the resume is outstanding and you are delighted. We want you to be happy with the final result and come back in the future for updates as your career progresses.

It certainly doesn't get any simpler than this, just FOLLOW THIS LINK to Get Started

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