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Key Skills of Project Managers: Getting Things Done!


While many jobs involve some aspects of project management, a dedicated project manager carries a variety of skills in order to fulfil their role.  According to Dr Martin Barnes, the president of the Association for Project Management, the job is fundamentally about “people getting things done.” So how do project managers achieve this?   defined as activities outside the normal day-to-day running of a business,    of people to come together for a specific objective. Many highly paid jobs revolve around the project management of implementing new software packages within organisations, although project managers can work on anything from the building of a new office block to the implementation of a new marketing campaign. Regardless of the project, teamwork is almost always a vital element, so project managers must be highly capable at organising and motivating a team of people.


Another key consideration for any project is timing, in that projects will have specific start and end points, and a range of objectives to achieve within that timescale. The client or customer will define a number of concerns regarding any project they commission, the main ones coming under the three objectives of time, quality and cost. Project management jobs require the ability to keep these in mind while delivering the overall aim of the project.


So, for example, for a new website build, the time consideration will be defined by the intended start and end date of the build, the cost will be concerned with staying within the overall budget of the project, and quality will refer to the services the final website will be able to deliver and how it delivers them.



The project manager uses these three considerations to implement and control the project through to completion, using a variety of skills to do so. These include:


  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the needs of the project stakeholders
  • Mapping out exactly what needs to happen stage by stage, who needs to do it, by what time and to what standard
  • Putting the right team of people together to complete the project, and motivating them to fulfill their roles
  • Coordinating the work of all the team members
  • Coordinating any changes which may be necessary as the project progresses
  • Monitoring the work done by the team and addressing issues
  • Delivering the end result on-time and within budgets


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