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Interview Consultation

A Perfect Career offers a personal 'mock' interview

consultation to ensure you make an excellent impression
We help you to develop the confidence, self-assuredness
and communication skills crucial to making a winning impression

Your personal consultant will coach you in the skills necessary to . . .

  • ensure the pressures of the interview situation do not reduce your ability to talk and listen effectively
  • project a professional image
  • respond skilfully to even the most awkward of questions
  • take advantage of the communication opportunities to highlight your strengths, area of expertise and achievements
  • play down and neutralise your weaknesses
  • get the information you need to make informed decisions

Your consultant will work with you to tailor the interview session to your ndividual needs by . . .

  • reviewing your CV to gain an insight into your strengths 
  • listening to the issues that might be causing you concern
  • researching the background of the employer 
  • reviewing the 'job description' and 'person specification' 
  • identifying and advising you on the employer's likely focus of attention

After studying the job you are applying for, the session is individually tailored to focus on the personality characteristics and key competencies required for the role.

The questions might seek to identify ...

  • Initiative
  • Objectivity
  • Leadership
  • Self confidence
  • Diversity Issues
  • Relationship building
  • Management of pressure
  • Consistency of performance
  • Interpersonal understanding

During the interview session you will be given the opportunity to discuss questions that you feel may cause difficulty, and will receive expert advice in formulating effective responses.   To see Sample Interview Questions

Follow this link to learn more about A Perfect Career's interview services or send an Get In Touch to get started today.

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