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How to get Hired

The secrets to winning interviews

Do you realise that all qualifications being equal, the candidate who delivers the most positive reponse to questions will portray the best image.

If you remain positive in everything you say, you will convey a picture of optimism and success, and increase your chances of being hired.  Positive people are hired more often than negative candidates - those with a grumble!

The following are widely recognised as some of the trickiest questions, with some recommended responses.


"Why are you leaving your current job?

"I've had a great career with ... and enjoyed increasing levels of responsibility and seniority.  However, I am aware of your company's progression in the challenging ... market, its meritocratic approach to rewarding high achievers, and team-orientated friendly culture.  This is precisely the type of organisation I know I could contribute to and would like to join."

"What are your two major weaknesses?"

"Constructive criticism has in the past inspired me to overcome weaknesses; for example, a former colleague highlighred gaps in my organisational skills and this prompted me to attend a course in project management. 

"I now able plan, prioritise and adapt flexibly to change in demanding environments, and aim to achieve targets ahead of deadlines. So organisational planning and time management skills are two weaknesses I have addressed and can confidently say I have overcome."

"Where do you see yourself in six years time?"

"I'd like to see myself working with your company.  I am confident this position is a good match for me, the company is the right one as it is achieving growth in my niche area. I know I could make a valid contribution. I can therefore see myself working here for a long time."

To stay ahead during the interview, keep posiitve and avoid any information that could lead you into discussing a negative experience. 

This positive, enthusiastic and confident approach will take you straight to the top of the list of candidates and get you hired - saving you time and lost income!

If you would like one-to-one interview coaching, please

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