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Redundancy ... a step forward to a brighter future

In a climate of organisational change - the result of new technology, business mergers and divestments - more and more companies are seeking to shed jobs
Reslt - an increasing number of people are facing redundancy and the jobsearch process

For those people directly affected by redundancy it is important not to take it personally; remember, it's the job that's redundant - not the person

Common reactions

Despite this fact, there's no doubt that redundancy can be hugely traumatic.  People often feel rejected, demoralized, anxious and stressed. On top of this they have to adjust not only to a loss of income but separation from work, colleagues and friends - a situation that can compound feelings of failure and fear for the future.

So what can people do to improve their situation?

Here are a few steps forward

Step 1:  Begin planning your future

Re-evaluate your skills and identify your strengths. You might be surprised just how many transferable skills you have that would suit different careers

However, if you identify a gap between the jobs on offer and your skills then consider retraining.

Most colleges and universities offer learner-friendly, full and part-time programmes of study across a diverse range of subjects

Consider a change of career.  What have you liked or disliked in your day to day working life?  Which working environments attract you the most? Do you have a preference for a certain market sector?

Seek professional career advice - keep an open mind - you might be surprised just how many choices there are available to you in less volatile industries

Step 2: Get networking - get job hunting

Keep in touch with former colleagues and business contacts - the grapevine is still one of the most common means to access the unadvertised job market.

Friends and family, social clubs and voluntary organisations can often lead to interesting job opportunities

You might be pleasantly surprised at just how effective networking can be

Other job seeking routes include trade journals, professional associations, local and national media - plus the tens of thousands of jobs advertised on-line by employers and recruitment agencies

Step 3: Market yourself strategically

Unless you are an expert copywriter, unless you can write objectively, unless you have a good knowledge of the skills needed in today's job market - it might not be wise to write your own CV or resume.

This is definitely the time invest in your career and enlist the help of a professional CV writer.

An enormous number of home-produced CVs and resumes create a dreadful first impression, win just a cursory glance and end up in the recruiter's bin

On the other hand, an expertly compiled and distinctively presented CV resume can set you apart from thousands of other candidates

A professional CV resume writer will capture the full scope of your skills, experience and achievements - explicitly, succinctly and factually

If you target your perfect CV at companies and vacancies that are looking for people with your skills and capabilities then you will increase your success rate

Step 4: Be patient - don't expect miracles overnight

The more jobs you apply for, the greater the likelihood of being invited for interview

However, be prepared for it to take some time

In the interim period, keep yourself busy. Consider doing charity or voluntary work as this is excellent for self-esteem and can be an excellent opportunity to experience different work settings and learn new skills - which can enhance your CV

Step 5: Persevere and keep positive

Finally, if you follow these few simple steps and maintain an enthusiastic, determined approach to your job search - you should find yourself well on the way to achieving your goals ... a more fulfilling and rewarding career - and a much brighter future

A Perfect Career specialises in providing expert help with
career planning, writing a CV and interview technique


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